Angel Di Maria: Everyone is trying to make life easy for Lionel Messi at PSG


Angel di Maria has opened up about how Paris Saint-Germain players do whatever it takes to help Lionel Messi adjust to his new home, following his move to Paris last summer.

The Argentine, who recently won his 7th Ballon d’Or award, made a small start to PSG and did not score his first Ligue 1 goal until November 20 in a match against Nantes. However, Di Maria is confident that Lionel Messi is slowly joining the team.

“I think in the last game against Club Brugge we showed we were doing well,” Di Maria told ESPN.

“It’s normal to expect a lot with Messi’s arrival. I think people always expect a 4-0 or 5-0 victory. Football is not like that. The ball is moving slowly and combining pieces.

“We see her happy at home with her family. Her children are at school. Everyone is there to make life easier for her and thus she has become very familiar with the team and, I think, she has become very fast [in life. In Paris.

“But when it comes to football everything is done little by little. It’s a big change for him and he has to get used to the new players and the new style of play at PSG, who play fast in the attack while using Barcelona. So we have assets.

Mauricio Pochettino has recently been criticized for his team’s poor performance, but Angel Di Maria has urged fans to support his coach.

“It’s not easy for Pochettino,” added Di Maria.

“Only 11 boys play and he has to work with it. It’s not easy to keep everyone happy. That’s what he tries to do, he does the best for the team and you have to get the job done on the field.”

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