Real Madrid keen to sign River Plate star Julian Alvarez

Julian Alvarez

Real Madrid are closely monitoring River Plate striker Julian Alvarez and could take the 21-year-old if he maintains the form he has shown so far this season.

Alvarez has scored 15 goals and has given six assistants to River in 16 games so far, and surprisingly he had a short spell at the Los Blancos school at a young age.

“He spent a month in Madrid. He made such a big difference playing here that they came to see him from everywhere,” Claudio Gorgerino, mayor of Calchin, Alvarez’s hometown, told Infobae.

“He was going to defeat his opponents. He was going left or right into the box.”

Unfortunately for Alvarez, his young age meant he could not stay at Real Madrid.

“You had to wait until you were 16. If there were the same rules when Lionel Messi arrived in Barcelona, ​​Julian would have been a Real Madrid player,” said Piero Foglia, an Argentine spy.

Alvarez is still an international player with the Argentine national team and has been given time to play in the latest international window, playing against Uruguay and Brazil in a World Cup qualifier.

Wearing the number 8 on the back, Alvarez pulled out Angel Di Maria against the Selecao and played on the right-wing, which is not a place he usually does as he likes to play as a striker.

Julian Alvarez is the most wanted player in Argentine football right now, and players like Juventus, AC Milan, and Atletico Madrid have all asked. Now, Real Madrid have joined the race for his signing.

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