PSG are now considering terminating Sergio Ramos’s contract

Sergio Ramos

The Spanish center-back has been signed by the French side with a free transfer agent from Real Madrid in the summer but has been sidelined since his arrival.

And it looks like those in charge of PSG are losing hope for the future of the 2010 World Cup winner at the club.

Last Sunday evening, a report from Le Parisien stated that Mauricio Pochettino’s side are now considering terminating Ramos’ contract, which lasts until 2023.

According to PSG’s official statement about the player, the message has always been one of confidence. They always said they hoped he would be back soon.

“We know Ramos is injured,” Leonardo said after PSG’s 2-1 victory over Lille on Friday.

“The Spanish media is joking, we all knew he had a problem. We know what’s going on here.”

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