Liverpool FC are too good for Atletico Madrid


Goals in the first half of Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane won Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night, while the Colchoneros dropped to 10 men in the 36th minute as Felipe was handed a straight red card.

Atleti had already scored two goals at the time, as Liverpool got better and took the lead in the 13th minute when Diogo Jota headed Trent Alexander-Arnold’s header before Sadio Mane started and completed a difficult move in the 21st minute.

It was Mane’s poor performance that sent Felipe 10 minutes before half-time, the center-back was shocked to learn that it was not just yellow for the Senegalese striker.

With a personal win, Liverpool were able to finish the first half and start the second, with Jota thinking he had hit another just after the break so that VAR could intervene and show he had been offside for a while.

Offside was also called up to score Luis Suarez’s goal against his former club. That was the 57th minute and it would have been an exciting race if that one had stopped.

In the end, Liverpool have been able to turn the tide on electricity in some way, while Atletico are struggling to defend the goal difference that could now be seen as important to the team.

Jota could have been sent off in the last 10 minutes for a challenge similar to the one that put Antoine Griezmann in the first leg, but Liverpool finished with 11 men, two goals, and three points to secure their lead. this group.

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