Leandro Paredes to be with Argentina national team despite PSG disapproval


Leandro Paredes will be with Argentina’s national team despite Paris Saint-Germain’s disapproval.

Leandro Paredes has been ruled out of the Argentina national team with initial reports that he will not be joining the Argentine national team. Earlier last week, PSG boss Mauricio Pochettino said it was unlikely Leandro Paredes would be with Argentina in their two World Cup qualifiers 2022 due to injury.

However, it was PSG sporting director Leonardo who said that Leandro Paredes would be with the Argentine team despite opposing the club’s ambitions. Speaking to Le Parisien, he said:

“We are not in favor of allowing a player to go internationally, who is not in good physical condition, is in the recovery stages. It is absurd and these types of conditions are appropriate for us to establish a law with FIFA. ”

Argentina plays two World Cup qualifiers in 2022 against Uruguay and Brazil as Argentina looks unbeaten.

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