Injury Update: Ansu Fati was injured again before half-time

Ansu Fati
Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Another problem for FC Barcelona. Ansu Fati still has problems with her legs after months of surgery due to frequent knee surgery.

He came back, had to stop, and came back to Celta Vigo until the end of the first half because he was struggling with an injury.

The footballer heard something and did not hesitate to go down to be treated by a Barcelona medical team. His reaction meant everything. He felt pain and anger at the same time because he was struggling to play at any reasonable time due to injury.

Barcelona will have to undergo tests on him to determine the extent of his injury. In the best-case scenario, it will be a fibrilar ring and can be out for two weeks, if not a slight pull.

The striker limped on the court with the doctor. Sergi Barjuan made no change and waited until the end of the first session to analyze the situation.

Ansu Fati will also leave the 25-man Spanish squad for the upcoming international break.


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