Dani Alves will be paid the lowest salary permitted by LaLiga


With Barcelona’s financial situation still in jeopardy, the club continued to look for less expensive ways to improve their team, with Alves’ return a chance to work for everyone.

As soon as Xavi Hernandez gave the green light on his return to Camp Nou as a coach, it became increasingly important for Joan Laporta to sign Alves, a player who was actually one of the first to arrive at Pep Guardiola. season again.

The agreement to sign Xavi also had an impact on LaLiga Santander’s rules, in which the coach and his team added a total of 3.9 million euros to the club’s salary.

This was the highest number of league rules that would allow Los Cules to add, although it did not leave anything to Alves. Matthew Alemany has confirmed that Barcelona have no other offer for new signings, but the Alves’ costs seem small.

According to La Vanguardia, Alves will earn 155,000 euros a year with Barcelona, ​​which is less than the actual amount, although he is 38 years old.

Los Cules was able to take advantage of Alves’ liking for the club during the negotiations, encouraging him to take such a low price, due to his strong desire to see Barcelona return to its former glory.

Alves wanted this more than anything else, he wanted to re-sign the Blaugrana by all means and it was an attitude that made the move easier once Xavi fixed it. He will not be able to play for the club until January 1, but Alves will be training with the big Barcelona team before returning to play.

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