Luis Suarez: I still have the same phone number

Luis-Suarez-and Ronald-Koeman

Luis Suarez took revenge on Ronald Koeman on Saturday night, scoring the 2nd goal for Atletico Madrid in a 2-0 win over their Barcelona bosses.

The Uruguayan no.9 was told it was over-the-top when the Dutchman took the reins on a short wire between the two.

Suarez, after scoring goals on Saturday, made a phone call and, after the game, secretly explained who he was targeting despite being denied his former boss.

“It’s for people who know I have the same numbers and that I’m still using the same phone,” he said after the game.

“It was not Koeman’s, not at all.

“If you want to know … I’ve been joking with my kids that I’m going to do that.”

Suarez did not celebrate his goal because of his respect for Barcelona.

“I already knew that if I scored I would apologize,” he said.

“Out of respect, my love, for being one of Barcelona’s fans, for the work I had in Barcelona, ​​at a [difficult] time my teammates went through, hard, and fans. Respectfully.” By winning, Suarez was overjoyed.

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