Leo Messi comment on Argentina win and Emiliano Martinez

Leo Messi scored vs uruguay

Lionel Messi commented on Argentina’s 3-0 victory over Uruguay in an interview with Emiliano Martinez.

Leo Messi reached 80 goals with Argentina as he scored the 1st goal of the match and was the first to also speak to the media. Speaking after the 3-0 victory, here is what he should have said:

“We played a good game, I think we are growing in terms of our style of play. We used to have a ball. Today was a tough game and we had to win it. Everything turned out well.

“Uruguay is waiting for you and is creating danger. When we scored the first goal, we started to find the space and the goals came. It was important to win because we knew the results of other teams. We have one game left and if we get seven points, we are very good. ”

About Emiliano Martinez:

“Emiliano Martinez is important. When they come to him, he always responds. He has scored a goal and we have one of the best goalkeepers in the world. ”

He also mentioned fans: “People are impressive. It is always best to live and enjoy this. ”

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