Donnarumma would leave PSG over Navas starting role?


One of Mauricio Pochettino’s biggest decisions earlier this season has been the selection of the first-choice goalkeeper between Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma, and it has been a controversial call.

Costa Rican has been selected ahead of Italy in Paris Saint-Germain since AC Milan arrived in the summer.

Kaylor Navas has played 6 games in Ligue 1, keeping two points clean, and has played two UEFA Champions League games, conceding 6 goals with 2 clean points. On the other hand, Donnarumma has played in four Ligue 1 and one European draw.

That could lead to Donnarumma’s lawyer, Mino Raiola, looking to remove him from Paris Saint-Germain to be the first choice elsewhere, according to

Navas is currently trusted by PSG coach Pochettino, as well as his teammates. So it looks like right now, Donnarumma will have to settle down by finding a place on the bench and fighting for first place.

“There is no fight between Gigio and Navas at PSG, Gigio will play,” Raolaola told RAI Sport last month.

If the situation does not change before the end of the season, Donnarumma’s stay in Paris could be short-lived.

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