Australia have won 12 consecutive World Cup qualifying matches

Football Team Australia

Martin Boyle bowed to victory as Australia made history by winning 11 consecutive games in their World Cup qualifier 2022 against Oman 3-1.

The Hibernian striker went into the net with the Socceroos’ second crucial goal at Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar and has now scored just 8 goals in his last eight games, scoring five times and three assists.

Australia snatched the lead in the 9th minute when Awer Bul Mabil hit home a strike that appeared on the left foot.

Graham Arnold’s side then owed the goalkeeper Matt Ryan the lead with two fine saves, but he was beaten in the 28th minute as Al Mandhar Al Alawi pulled on for Oman, set aside Harry Souttar, and fired a shot into the top right corner.

Australia regained the lead in the 49th minute when Adam Taggart’s shot was stopped only by Boyle, who was killed nearby.

The hard-won victory was signed when Mitchell Duke looked away in the left-hand corner late.

It means that Australia has three out of three wins in the third round of the Asian World Cup qualifiers 2022, having won eight out of eight in the second round, the stage where they started their campaign.

They became the first team to win 11 games in a single World Cup qualifier in 2022.

Australia have won 12 consecutive qualifying matches, including a 3-1 win in the playoffs against Honduras to take them to the 2018 World Cup.

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