Why did Bruno Fernandes take the penalty vs Aston Villa and not Ronaldo?

Manchester Unired vs Aston Villa

A 91-minute penalty kick to Manchester United would always lead to one of their Portuguese players taking it, surprisingly it was Bruno Fernandes who took the kick and failed to turn it around as they were beaten 1-0 by Aston Villa.

Everyone who watched the game thought that Cristiano Ronaldo could have taken the pressure of so much pressure, but that was not the way he had come out. Following the release of the penalty, Bruno Fernandes collected a ball against a number of Aston Villa players pressuring him to pay a fine to his countryman.

Aston Villa goalkeeper Emi Martinez has indicated he wants Ronaldo to take the penalty, and Fernand resisted and decided to take it upon himself. The result was disastrous, sending the ball over the bar to the crowd and preventing Manchester United from getting a point.

“The winner is selected before the games. I will deposit the money I pledged to Bruno Fernandes. He is a strong guy, this will not affect him,” coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told a post-match press conference.

Would it have been a good decision to let Fernandes take the penalty on Cristiano, who was one of the best pennies on the field? Statistics suggest that.

Fernandes took Manchester United’s 23 penalties, beating 21 and only two; This is against Aston Villa and the other against Newcastle 4-1
to win.

However, in a stressful situation and as Ronaldo seeks to score in four consecutive games, it is surprising to think that he did not control the situation and took the penalty.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s next chance to score again at Man United will be on Tuesday, September 28 when he will play Villarreal in the Champions League.

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