Sergio Busquets: Barcelona are in a serious situation

Benfica vs FC Barcelona UEFA Champions League

Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets has been extraordinary in his analysis of Barcelona’s current situation, suggesting that the club is in a bad state following a 3-0 humiliation at the hands of Benfica.

Barcelona have now lost both of their opening matches in the UEFA Champions League group stage this season and in fact, have not competed in any of them.

“We are in a critical situation, we only have two games but we have a lot of points,” Busquets said in his post-match interview.

“We have to think about raising the table, there is nothing else we can do.

“We have to wait and see what happens in other games. We’re down, but we have to think carefully.”

Barcelona did not shoot any of their 3 players, something Busquets believes did not reflect their ingenuity.

he also added.”I don’t know, but we have a lot of crosses,”

“We had a chance to be shot a few meters away from the goal. The statistics are healthy and accurate, but those are the chances to score.

“In the areas where the games were decided we didn’t make an impact. I think we got enough chances, but we gave up.”

Pressured by Ronald Koeman’s future, the Busquets refused to spread speculation that the Dutchman would soon be released.

“In the end, it’s easy to fire a coach,” he added.

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