PSG manager Pochettino unconcerned by Mbappe’s Neymar comments

PSG Traing ground

Mauricio Pochettino has emphasized that Kylian Mbappe’s frustration with Paris Saint-Germain teammate Neymar is not as close as he has suggested.

After being shocked by Montpellier’s death, Mbappe watched Neymar plan for PSG’s third goal Julian Draxler in the match. He was later caught on camera complaining that Brazil was rarely giving him such a pass.

Sounds like PSG can’t take a week off without a fight, as they saw Leo Messi shake hands with Pochettino after Lyon’s 2-1 win.

Pochettino did his best to exacerbate the situation, and after the recent bench incident, the manager did the same.

According to L’Equipe. Mauricio Pochettino said “They’re good guys “In football, this kind of thing happens between competitors. Here, the goal is to win.

“He made a lot of noise outside the team but inside it was nothing. The two of them talked to each other, and I talked to them and he saw that in practice, they were laughing.”

Midfielder Ander Herrera has also denied rumors that there is an outbreak between the two players, stressing that all of this is part of a ‘special relationship’ between the two.

“Ever since I joined the club, if there is a special relationship you see, it is between Kylian and Neymar,” he said. “And that hasn’t changed at all.

“During games, we all want to do our best to score points, help, and that’s normal. They talked about it over time because they got along. They laughed.

“This is about pressure on the club. Things tend to be exaggerated. Sometimes I read stories that make me think ‘I’m here every day, this is not true. It’s normal because everyone likes to talk about PSG.”

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