Official: Brazil vs Argentina has been suspended by Conmebol

Bra vs Arg

Argentina and Brazil were suspended just minutes after the match. With reports ahead of the start that four Argentine Premier League players will not be allowed to take part in their World Cup qualifiers against Brazil, a decision was made and three of the four Premier League players started the match.

It was Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero and Gio Lo Celso who started the game that Emiliano Buendia did not perform on the bench. As the match began, Brazilian health officials stormed the stadium during the match. Required for all four Premier League players to be separated for 14 days.

The game has been suspended. A TNT Sports report said that if players are banned from playing or the game is not available, Argentina will be awarded 3 points.

This is because Brazil would be inconsistent with what all South American delegates agreed on and that is that players will be allowed to play.

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