Leo Messi: They used to treat us Argentina players like failures

Leo Messi

Lionel Messi last won the World Cup with Argentina this summer, lifting the Copa America after Albiceleste beat Brazil in the final, but he has shown how he and his teammates were treated before winning the silver medal.

The 34-year-old previously came 2nd in the Copa America, lost in the finals in 2007, 2015, and 2016, and was part of the Argentina team that lost the 2014 World Cup.

Leo Messi said in an interview with ESPN.”Today that we have won Copa America, that’s fine. We always think they are the best and they are not,”

“We were not too bad at the final, nor were we the best players to win the Copa America. The important thing is to leave everything out on the field.

“If we couldn’t [win], we wouldn’t [win]. Only one team wins. Reaching the finals is no small feat and hasn’t been seen, it’s quite the opposite.”

Leo Messi discussed the view that Argentina was considered a loser in both the World Cup and Copa America finals, and how a disappointing tournament could affect him personally.

Messi added”Before we were treated as a failure and it is not easy to win the World Cup,”

“The first 15 days I left after the tournament with Argentina were heartbreaking, I didn’t want to do anything. And after Brazil, it was the first good holiday I ever had.”

For Leo Messi, most of those ideas come from those in the media.

Leo Messi said “There was a part of the media that treated us like failures,”

“They told us we didn’t like the shirt, they asked us not to play for the national team, and we tried our best.

“We were the first to want to be champions and not everything is about winning and losing.”

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