Leo Messi cries during Argentina interview and celebrations


Leo Messi cried a lot during the interview after Argentina’s 3-0 win over Bolivia and during the celebrations.

Leo Messi hit something high and became the best player in Argentina. However, he stole the game even after the game. As he spoke following the win, Leo Messi became emotional and began to cry. Here is what he should have said:

“I really wanted to enjoy it. I waited a long time for this, I wanted it and I dreamed about it. It’s a unique moment of how it happened, after a lot of waiting.

“There is no better way to celebrate this than to be here. My mother, the brothers in the stands… They are very poor and today, they are here to celebrate. I am very happy. ”

The Argentine team won the Copa America 2021 trophy on the field after the game and Leo Messi regained his senses.

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