Emiliano Martinez taunts Cristiano Ronaldo in Aston Villa win against Man United

Emi Martinez

The Argentine international Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was once again in the middle of the pennant and once again finally got it.

Emiliano Martinez started at Aston Villa and leading 1-0 to Manchester United at Old Trafford, Man United were awarded a penalty late in the game. With all eyes fixed on Cristiano Ronaldo, it was Argentina that stood up and stole the game.

During the imposition, Emiliano Martinez approached the sentencing and shouted at Cristiano Ronaldo mocking him to take us. This was similar to when Emiliano Martinez was the hero who punished Argentina and Colombia in the Copa America semi-finals.

It was not Cristiano Ronaldo who took it but Bruno Fernandes as he skipped his penalty. Emiliano Martinez ended up doing a dance while watching the fans.

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