Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice of goals back at Manchester United


Cristiano Ronaldo came back 12 years later, in that English club Manchester United jersey of the football world. Again at Old Trafford! Once again, the hero stepped on the green carpet of the Theater of Dreams. Ronaldo’s pair of goals gave Manchester United their third win of the season. The Red Devils beat Newcastle 4-1. With that, he reached the top of the league table.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in Ronaldo’s second debut at Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson was also present to enjoy the game of Portuguese Superstar in the field. Ronaldo did not disappoint his fans. He picked up the desired goal in his debut match.

Ronaldo had a fever at Old Trafford from the start of the match. However, the Manchester United crowd had to wait until the very last moment of the first half for the first goal. At one point it seemed that the Red Devils would be under pressure to break Newcastle’s tough defense. At the very last moment of the first half, Ronaldo led the team with a goal from a rebound like an opportunity-seeking striker.

Javier Manquilo raised the blood pressure of the Red Devils a little at the beginning of the second half. When the age of the match was 56 minutes, the Newcastle striker equalized with a great goal. This created temporary doubts about Manchester’s victory. But when there are superstars like Ronaldo in the team, what else to worry about? Ronaldo is again the savior of the Red Devils. Within 6 minutes, he scored his own trademark goal to put Man United ahead again.

The way he set himself up by receiving Luke Shaw’s extended ball, then finishing with the gap between the opponent’s goalkeeper’s legs, may remind him of the old Ronaldo. CR Seven’s second goal almost ensured Manchester United’s victory. also, the world-class goal was scored by Bruno Fernandez in the 80th minute of the match and Lingard’s last-minute goal. As a result, Man United won 4-1.

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