Leo Messi to be unveiled by PSG on Tuesday?


Although Joan Laporta insists Leo Messi was determined to stay in Barcelona, ​​financial constraints eventually prevented him from extending his glorious stay in Catalonia.

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have been both teams closely linked to Leo Messi’s swoop, and the French club Paris will now be able to openly attack him after Pep Guardiola ruled out Premier League champions.

Leo Messi will speak to the media at a press conference in Barcelona on Sunday afternoon, with Le Parisien reportedly unveiled as a PSG player in 48 hours.

PSG are reportedly preparing for Messi’s 2-year contract with a 1-year deal, and are expected to secure a £ 34m-a-year deal from Paris.

Leo Messi leaves Barcelona scoring 672 goals and signing 305 assists in 778 games.

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