Leo Messi: I was not ready for this situation

Leo Messi

Barcelona have not renewed their contract with their biggest superstar Lionel Messi. Leo Messi held the latest press conference for the club on Sunday. “I’ve spent a lot of years here,” said the 34-year-old Argentine star. I can’t think of anything right now. This situation is quite difficult for me.

Messi says ‘”The biggest part of my life I spent here. I was not prepared for this situation. This year is different than previous years. My family and I thought we were going to stay here. I wanted to stay in Barcelona”.

Leo Messi had to struggle to contain the tears at the press conference. “I came here when I was 13,” he said. I have been here for about 21 years. I did my best for the club. I have so many beautiful memories here. I am now leaving the Club and Barcelona City with my wife and 3 Catalan Argentine children.

At the press conference, the 34-year-old Leo Messi expressed his gratitude to everyone, including former and current teammates of the club. It is learned that Leo Messi has also organized a dinner for his teammates.

Leo Messi came to Barcelona 21 years ago at the age of 13. He has played for the last 18 years in the Catalan club’s jersey. During this time he has scored 672 goals in 778 appearances for Barcelona. Messi has won La Liga 10 times. Has won the Copa del Rey Cup 7 times. Messi has also won the UEFA Champions League 4 times, the UEFA Super Cup 3 times, the FIFA Club World Cup 3 times and the Spanish Super Cup 7 times.

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