Diego Maradona was told Florentino Perez to sign Mbappe!


Real Madrid continues to follow Kylian Mbappe in hopes of making a contract ahead of the transfer market deadline, Diego Maradona asking Florentino Perez to sign the French star.

Los Blancos’ interest in Mbappe extends beyond the current negotiations, which Kylian Mbappe has for years been under attack by the Spanish club.

In the video, which appears on social media, Maradona is seen praising Mbappe’s skills and making it clear that he had a meeting with Florentino Perez in which he informed the president that he should sign former Monaco man.

Maradona told a reporter in the video. “I told Florentino to ‘sign Mbappe’,”

Maradona told, “I told him when we met at the FIFA event.”

Perez told Diego Maradona at the meeting that he would not be able to sign Mbappe as he still has too many players, Argentina suggested that Los Blancos should sell even Gareth Bale to make room for the newcomer.

Now, the situation in 2021 is very different and it is expected that Los Merengues will confirm the transfer in the coming days.

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