Brazil miss 9 Player for World Cup qualifiers Match

Brazil team

The South American countries are coming to the field a few days after the Qatar World Cup qualifiers 2022. Premier League clubs will not leave South American footballers in the next international schedule due to the Covid-19 situation.

Some players have decided to play for Argentina’s national team in the World Cup qualifiers ignoring the instructions of their respective clubs. However, the Brazilian players are not leaving the club.

9 players of the Brazilian team are stuck in the block of the Premier League. They are Lgoalkeeper Alison Baker, Manchester goalkeeper Ederson Moraes, Thiago Silva, Fabinho, Fred, Rafinha, Firmino, Jesus and Richardson have also been ruled out of the World Cup qualifiers 2022.

Brazil will face Chile on 2 September,  Argentina will then face Celesaora on 5 September. The five-time world champions will play against Peru on 10 September.

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