Barcelona reaching an agreement with Busquets over pay cut


On Wednesday, August 25, Sergio Busquets reached an agreement with Catalan club Barcelona to reduce his salary, as the midfielder looks to help his team’s financial situation.

An agreement was reached at a meeting on Wednesday morning between Jose Maria Orobitg, the player’s agent, and Barcelona boss Matthew Alemany.

Busquets will receive a 25% salary pay cut as they follow in the footsteps of Jordi Alba, who agreed to a similar pay cut on Monday.

Busquets will no longer receive a bonus for certain tasks considered normal for the club, such as Champions League qualifications, and will also reduce a portion of his salary in the years to come.

Barcelona have now agreed to a reduction in salaries by three team captains, with Gerard Pique being the first to do so, but so far they have not agreed to a pay cut with Sergi Roberto.

Barca is currently negotiating with Sergi Roberto’s representatives, but the negotiations are slightly different as salary cuts will be part of a new 2-year deal.

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