Manchester united are ready to sell Paul Pogba

Pual Pogba/ Getty Images

Manchester united’s board of directors to approve Paul Pogba to be sold in the summer. With little more than a year of his current deal and there is no sign that the negotiations on the new agreement,

Man United are preparing to cash in on the of France at the time.

According to Dello Sport says with the first prize of €80 to be promoted, despite Pogba’s going to be a free pre-agreement with foreign law, on the 1st of January, in anticipation of the entry into nothing in a year’s time.

Juventus are keenly interested to sign Pogba and PSG president, Nasser Al-Start driving a movement to bring Pogba to Paris, France for the new season. Start met with Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola last week.

For their part, Joined the board of directors has no interest in allowing Pogba to run on his contract and is now ready to sell the midfielder.


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