Cristiano Ronaldo water-push-wipes-4billion Coca-Cola’s losses in brand value

Photo: Reuters

Portuguese Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is cleared, the value of Coca-Cola for $ 4 billion, after the decline of bottles of a soft drink in a pre-match news conference in Portugal on Monday.

He took two bottles from the frame to the camera as if he was going to be the Euro’s press conference, before picking up his bottle and said, “Drink some water.”

According to The Sun reports that Coca-Cola’s proportion rapidly declined from $ 56.10 (39.80 lbs), up to $ 55.22 (39.19 lb).

At some point during the day, and 1.6% of the total value of the company has been wiped out, although the recovery was slow, and the price had risen to $ 55.44 (39.38 pounds) in the area.

the 36-year-old and follows a strict diet and avoids sugary foods, eating clean, food is up to six times in a single day in order to have a fantastic silhouette as he gets older.

And while you will still be at Real Madrid, the club, the doctor said that he had found the body of a player in a decade younger-and you can still play at a high level until the age of 40 years old.

He scored 2 goals in Portugal, during yesterday’s win over Hungary in Budapest Euro 2020.


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