Joao Cancelo: I came here to work with Guardiola; I am very happy

Joao Cancelo

Manchester City defender Joao Cancelo says manager Pep Guardiola has changed his game.

Cancelo admits he is happy with his decision to leave Juventus last season for City.

To Guardiola, he says: “I like the way he plays: it’s been one of the reasons he came.

“I love to pull, to help, I love to play professional and attractive football. From the way he sees the ball, the defenders play a lot inside, with their back to the opposing goal, I was not used to it, but training, I feel better.

“He clarifies all the details of the game and I think the team’s improvement is also there. The attention we get to the videos, I know what to do and I think about my teammates.”

Cancelo added: “I started badly, but since December I have improved. I found in my head that this is what I wanted and I am very happy here.”

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