FIFA statement of disagreement with the European Super League

FIFA President

FIFA has called on football governing bodies to do everything in their power to prevent the European Super League from happening. On Sunday night, after the widespread of this hope, The Top 12 European teams announced that they were launching their own competition.

”With so many media requests and as has been said many times, FIFA would like to make it clear that it stands firm for football unity and an equitable distribution model that can help develop football as a sport, especially at the international level, since its inception in world football,” FIFA said.

in our view, and in accordance with our laws, any soccer tournament, whether national, regional, or international, must always demonstrate the values ​​of unity, inclusion, integrity, and equitable redistribution. In addition, governing bodies must use all means. official, sports, and communications to ensure that this remains the case. For this reason, FIFA may simply express its disagreement with the ‘closed European league divided’ outside the international football ranks and disregard the above principles.

“FIFA has always stood for unity in world football and calls on all parties involved in heated negotiations to hold calm, constructive, and balanced negotiations for the benefit of the game and the spirit of solidarity and fair play. “

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