Manchester City remain confident – even after Bellingham’s goal


Riyad Mahrez says confidence was a key factor in Manchester City’s victory over arch-rivals Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

Jude Bellingham’s fine effort put early goal the visitors ahead of the night and in the tie due to away goals within 15 minutes, but the Algerian clinic’s penalty less than an hour earlier drew City’s level.

Phil Foden then wrapped up a 4-2 aggregate victory with a long-drive drive, and Mahrez emphasized that the players remain confident in changing the game.

According to a Tribal Football report Riyad says “We played well after the goal we conceded, we said (during the break) we would score,” he revealed on City’s website.

“We are everyone very confident in the second half, we could have scored in the 1st half, I had one, the defender kept us, De Bruyne had one or two.

“We were very confident and that’s why we are gone now.

“I don’t think we started very well but we came back to the goal, we played really well, we created so many chances and we finally had chances to score and we did it.”

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