Neymar Will be stay in Paris after Paris Saint-Germain knocked out by Bayern Munich


Neymar is expected to be happy after Paris Saint-Germain knocked Bayern Munich out of the Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday Night.

Brazilian Superstar’s future at the club is once again uncertain, but it has produced well as PSG progress to the semi-finals.

“Will I stay in Paris? PSG are a great team,” Neymar told RMC Sport when asked about his future. “We are now in the semi-finals and dreaming.

“I am very happy. We have faced a big team of Bayern. We are now in the semi-finals and we have to work even harder, improve and hope that we will have a good semi-final.”

Speaking of PSG nights, their full performance, and his night, Neymar gave an idea of ​​how they work.

“It’s true that we all talk a lot, we are a real team,” he said. “We have seen that [Angel] Di Maria has run so hard today, we have to congratulate everyone.

“All those changes were not there … I lost very little. Most importantly I am very happy that we have won. PSG is a great team, now we have to focus on the semi-finals.”

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